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Main ideas of Section 1 - "Israeli Retention of the Jordan Valley":

[Please also see the Hebrew Abstract, or even better, the full 2-page document.]

Land exchange with the 1967 borders as a starting point is an Israeli demand. Hence the land (in exchange for the Jordan Valley) ought to be exchanged with a ratio in favour of the Palestinians, e.g. 1.5 to 1. Namely, for each dunam kept in Israeli hands in the Jordan Valley, Israel shall give 1.5 dunam (near Nitzana).
Israel shall evacuate a large area (larger than the whole Gaza Strip) either north or south of Nitzana, near the Egyptian border.
If Gaza (the Hammas) joins the Palestinian State and the peace agreement, then this area may be given to Egypt as part of a triple exchange, so that in return, Egypt will provide land to extend the Gaza Strip far towards the south and into Sinai.
Alternatively, this area near Nitzana may be given directly to the Palestinian State.
The area given to the Palestinians will be developed so that one million refugees will be able to move there.

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We read Section 1, and we support, or support to some degree , this plan.