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Main ideas of Section 2 - "The Holy-Basin Museum in Jerusalem"

[Please also see the Hebrew Abstract, or even better, the full 2-page document.]

In order to avoid the need for a RATHER IMPOSSIBLE borderline inside the walls of the old city:

The entire Holy-Basin in Jerusalem will turn into a museum.
Not even one person will be allowed to live in the Holy-Basin Museum. All evacuated people will be well compensated, and will be allowed to choose where to live and whether to be Israeli citizens or Palestinian citizens.
Since the Museum will be empty of citizens, it will be easier to implement an unconventional solution to the problem of sovereignty. Sovereignty in different areas of the Museum will be given to Israel (e.g., the Wall; e.g., the Jewish quarter), to Palestine (e.g., Al-Aqsa Mosque; e.g., the Muslim quarter), and in some areas might be joint or international.
Security control in the entire Museum area will be kept in IDF's hands.
Access to the Holy-Basin sites will be available from Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, and from Al-Quds, the capital of Palestine.

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We read Section 2, and we support, or support to some degree , this plan.